The environmental crisis that is increasingly encroaching on our lives is also responsible for the devastating fires that are consuming our planet. The object RESURECTIO, Latin for "resurrection," represents a tribe from a seemingly dead burn site. Like the resurrection of the mythical phoenix, the dead area will soon pulsate with new life. Seeds, woody plants and other plant species have a chance to sprout and grow towards the light. Previously oppressed microorganisms decompose the remains and obtain nutrients for the new plants. Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, the rainforest ecosystem can renew its vitality and adapt to changes in its surroundings. The glass objects adorning the tree's crown are the fruits of new life pulsating on a seemingly dead, charred tree.


height ↕ 260 cm
diameter ↔ 85 cm




9000 EUR

Abstract glass luminaires are the heart of the building. Their light pulsates on the author's charred trunk.