Within the work on this series, Anna Jožová again refers to the millefiori technique used in Murano glass, but now without humour and exaggeration as in the case of the Liza series. Now she modifies it by disturbing the original traditional impossibility of looking inside through the decor of the so-called thousand-flower glass.


height ↕ 40 cm
diameter ↔ 34 cm




35 000 CZK

The Europa series allows a glimpse beneath the surface in places, and with its colour and watercolour transitions is a loose paraphrase of the millefiori technique.

The shades of blue, yellow, brown, white and pink, including the way they blend together, can be reminiscent of the shot glass technique or Miluše Roubíčková's pop-art vases. However, Anna Jožová lets the effect of blending colours and the loss of the solid shape of the colour patches stand out.