Anna Jožová subsequently developed her thinking about the environmental crisis that led to the creation of the Gaia series and created a series called Keto, inspired by the accumulation of man-made waste in the oceans and the disruption of underwater flora and fauna. Here, the theme is not only printed in the work with material or structure, but in the whole process of creation. The copper mesh is a symbol of the entrapment of flora and fauna in this catastrophic position/situation, a symbol of the impossibility of breaking free. The black enamel refers to pollution, the stickiness of oil and other pollutants.


height ↕ 50 cm
diameter ↔ 32 cm




1920 €

It encases the clear glass and pushes out through the copper wires. The purity of the transparent glass in the bottom layer of the vases is only visible in a very limited space and thus loses its imaginary struggle for equality. It is thus a symbol of the fragility of an ecosystem that cannot break free from its grip caused by the consequences of human activity. The vases are created by the process of blowing two separate layers of glass, the first using black enamel, gradually permeating the copper network, and the second using crystal glass.