The shape and surface of these porcelain vases is strongly influenced by the theme of the environmental crisis and the interest in ecology and the consequences of human impact on the environment — especially those associated with the marine and ocean environment. This series was created during a study placement in New Zealand, where my own experience of forest fires, blue snow or the replacement of much native vegetation by colonizers within a relatively short period of time became a strong inspiration. The shape of the objects is derived from sea buoys and can also resemble urns, which complements the chosen theme.


height ↕ 34 cm
diameter ↔ 29 cm




880 €

In their textured surface are admixtures of various types of sand (including volcanic), collected by the author on beaches threatened with early extinction due to the adverse effects of human activity. The title of the series Gaia refers to Greek mythology, where Ge or Gaia is called the goddess of the earth. The series is created through plaster moulds in which sand is layered and then porcelain is used, fused at high temperatures to achieve an almost glass-like surface effect.

In keeping with the theme, Anna Jožová has for the first time dared to abandon the visual purity of her previous works and try to work in the opposite plane, creating an object that is seemingly worn out, irreversibly corroded, cracked, from which layers seem to be falling away.